Paul Twedt

Hand-made Leather Wristband

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When you purchase one of these stylish bison leather wristbands, you are not only buying a beautiful accessory, you are investing in the quality of our public lands. The profits from each sale support the litter cleanup efforts of the Packing It Out team while they traverse hundreds of miles of remote public lands and remove all the litter they encounter.

Product Details:

These simple all leather wristbands are designed to be adjustable to fit 6" - 10" wrist circumference with ease, but will also fit larger wrists. They measure 12" in length and 3/4" wide. Each band is branded with 'PACK IT OUT' to serve as a simple reminder to pack out litter and leave every place we visit better than we found it.

In buying this product, you are not just another consumer, you are joining the community and becoming part of the team by directly funding litter cleanup efforts by the Packing It Out team.